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How do I reprogram my remote control?

The best way to resolve your issue would be to go through the programming instructions from the Owner's Manual.

Click the link for a few of our Manufacturer's instructions.



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What is the warranty for my purchased product?

All of our Manufacturers offer a lifetime motor warranty and a one year warranty on all other parts.  Only the original purchaser is entitled to the warranty of the product.  Proof of purchase is required by the Manufacturer.

What size fan should I purchase?

Fans are built for specific room sizes, regardless of the diameter of the fan and the amount of blades.  Fans are measured based on how much cubic feet of air is moved by the fan.  This measurement is called CFM.  The more air that is generated by the fan, the higher the CFM rating.  One should always look for the CFM rating when the fan is on HIGH speed.

I have a low ceiling, what style of fan should I get?

This is a common question.  Most assume that a flushmount fan is their only option.  However, the majority of homes/condos have standard ceiling height of 8'.  90% of ceiling fans are built for that distance above the floor, which opens up the variety of choices.  Flushmount fans should be installed on ceilings LOWER than 8' high.

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